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Our Mission

GeneSpark.org is an international non-profit foundation focused on the advancement of drug treatments for reversible Intellectual Disability (ID) disorders, specifically those arising from a gene deletion or mutation. Our initial focus is on Kleefstra syndrome (KS) and related ID disorders that have a potentially synergistic approach to drug development. Learn more

Fundraising Progress

Immediate Goal – $1,000,000

$800,000 80%

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Highlighted News

  • August 8, 2017: Drug “hit” Identified in KS Screening Using iPSC – Webinar (Global)

    Join us on August 8, 2017, to learn about the exciting drug “hit” identified by our Netherlands research partner using iPSC technology. This is likely the first time in history that a specific compound has been shown to improve or reverse Kleefstra Syndrome in a lab environment.

    We’ll explain why we took this approach, how it works and what’s next. Q&A with participants will follow the discussion.

    Register HERE: https://genespark.webex.com/genespark/onstage/g.php…

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